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Pre-Master's programmes


Pre-master's programmes

If you have looked up the basic and track-specific requirements for your preferred master’s track and are now still unsure whether you meet all the requirements, it might be helpful to find out more about a pre-master's programme.

What is a pre-master’s?

If you do not meet all the selection requirements for the master's track in Psychology or Healthcare Psychology (Dutch-taught only), you might qualify for a pre-master's programme. If you would like to know whether a pre-master's programme is an option for you, please apply for the master's track of your choice. The admissions committee will then decide whether you already qualify for the master's track. If not, the admissions committee will check whether a pre-master's programme is an option for you to qualify for admission. A pre-master's programme consists of courses that will help you qualify for the selection procedure for the master's track of your choice.


A pre-master's programme is only possible if 1) you need a maximum of 60 ECTS credits to meet the admission requirements; 2) the required courses are scheduled and can be completed within a maximum of 1 academic year, and 3) you are an EU national.
Subsequently, you must complete the pre-master's programme within 1 academic year to qualify for the selection procedure for the track of your choice.

Apply on time!

If you think you need a pre-master's programme, be sure to apply early so you can find out quickly about your next steps. Applications can be submitted annually from the 1st of October. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will find out whether you still need to complete any courses and what those might be. This may involve a limited number of courses (or even just one) that can be taken in the spring. In that case, you can still qualify for the selection for the start of the master's track in the following academic year. If you apply before 1 December, we will make sure to notify you by mid-January at the latest about whether you require a pre-master's programme. (You might then be able to do so in the second semester.)

Any application at a later date will, of course, be processed as usual. You will be notified in May. If you are advised to complete a pre-master's programme at that time, you can start doing so in the following academic year.


The costs of a pre-master's programme strongly depend on the number of ECTS credits you need to obtain. For Dutch students, the costs also depend on whether or not you already graduated from your bachelor’s programme and already did another premaster / master. Our students advisor are happy to inform you about the costs once it is clear what your pre-master's programme consists of.

Qualified does not mean selected

A pre-master's programme qualifies you for the selection procedure of the master's track. Qualifying does not automatically mean that you have been admitted to the master's track. You will have to apply for the selection procedure of the master's track. The selection committee selects students from among all applicants who meet the admission requirements.