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Career prospects

Psychology: Consultancy & Organisational Development

The Consultancy & Organisational Development Master’s track prepares students for positions such as:

  • Organisational consultant on issues such as organisational change, organisational and/or team development, organisational culture analyses, conflict management, and process improvements
  • Management consultant (in-house or external)
  • Policy advisor in an organization
  • Policy officer
  • Project manager
  • Researcher focusing on issues such as: organisational development, employee and organisational effectiveness, organisational change, conflict management, and cooperation

After completing the Master's degree, our alumni find jobs at organizations such as:

  • Government, municipalities, and semi-public institutions
  • Specialist organisational consultancy firms
  • National and international companies in the professional services sector
  • Educational institutions, such as colleges and universities
  • Research institutes

This track prepares students who also have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology for A&O NIP registration.