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Graduate School of Psychology

These are some of the frequently asked questions for the admissions procedure for the one-year Master’s tracks offered at the Graduate School of Psychology of the University of Amsterdam.

However, if you have any questions about your admission for the two-year Research Master Psychology, please send them to

Studielink tells me that my previous education has to be verified. What should I do?

This is a message that Studielink shows automatically. It is safe to ignore this message as long as you complete the entire application procedure before the deadline (see information listed under the header “application & admission” on the webpage of the track you intend to apply for). If we receive your application on time, we will process it and our credential evaluation team will verify whether your degree meets the standards of our programme.

I am trying to apply for Master’s track through Studielink. I cannot seem to select the track of my choice. What should I do?

When registering in Studielink, you should select the Master’s programme ‘Psychology’ at the University of Amsterdam.  Students who want to apply for a clinical track (offered in Dutch only) should choose the option ‘Gezondheidszorgpsychologie’. You will be then be able to specify the master's track.

After having completed your application in Studielink, it will take 1 or 2 days before the Central Student Administration sends you an email with a link to the application form. You will be instructed to upload your document(s) there.

I did not get an email with a link to the application form. What should I do?

1) Make sure you have completed your registration in Studielink.
2) The Central Student Administration will send you an email with a link to the application form within 1 or 2 days after your registration in Studielink. Please keep an eye on your inbox and do not forget to check your spam filter.
3) Make sure you check the inbox that corresponds with the email address you have mentioned in Studielink.

Note that the Student Desk Psychology cannot speed up the process of sending you the link to the application form. Please make sure you register on time. We recommend you start your application at least a couple of days before the deadline, in order to avoid complications or delay.

I have registered in Studielink and submitted the online application form. I did not get any confirmation. Have you received my application?

If you've submitted your application, rest assured that we received it and wil process it. You will hear from us around mid-May.

Can I apply for more than one Master’s track?

Yes, you can submit a second application for another track. After enrolling in Studielink, you receive an email from the Central Student Administration with a link to the application form. You can use that same link to submit multiple applications. It is important to submit your applications one by one. After submitting one application, clear your cache before filling out the form a second/third time.

I am already enrolled in a Master’s programme at the UvA in the current academic year. I want to apply for a second Master’s track, starting in Sept. '18. I cannot seem to apply in Studielink, what should I do?

Please get in touch with the Admissions Office at (unless you have already emailed us, then we will get back to you). We will send you the information you need in order to submit your application for a second Master’s track.

I do not meet all entry requirements. Can I apply for the pre-Master’s?

Click ‘pre-Master’s’ in the menu to find all relevant information.


General questions 

Can you check my curriculum and tell me if I am eligible?

Whether or not you meet the requirements is something we can check after having received your application. We do not do pre-checks of your curriculum to see whether you are eligible.

It is initially up to your judgement to see if you meet the requirements for the particular track you wish to apply for. I know this may be difficult being a student from another university. However, we can only evaluate your file once we have received your entire application.

I am interested in a Psychology Master’s, but I’m not sure about the possibilities. Can you help me?

You can browse through all Psychology Master’s tracks here. To find out whether you are eligible, please check the the entry requirements; please click on the track of your choice, then choose ‘application and admission’, and then ‘entry requirements’ in the submenu.

What is a track? What’s the difference between a track and the regular Master’s programme?

The Graduate School of Psychology offers three Master’s of Science programmes:

  • Psychology 
  • Healthcare Psychology (Dutch-taught only),
  • Research Master’s in Psychology.

A master’s track is a specialisation within a Master’s programme, with a specific profile and (partly) specific modules.

Within the Master’s programme in Psychology we offer 10 master’s tracks, 8 of those are offered in English: Behavioural Data Science, Brain & Cognition in Society, Coaching & Vitality in Organisations, Consultancy and Organisational Development, Cultural Psychology, Development & Health Psychology, Human Resource and Career Management, and Social Influence.

Within the Master’s programme in Healthcare Psychology we offer 5 Master’s tracks, all of which are offered in Dutch only.

There are no tracks in the Research Master’s in Psychology. This Master’s has a major/minor system instead.

How should I pay my tuition fee?

For questions about tuition fees and payment, please contact UvA’s Student Service Desk (SSD). Please read this page about tuition payment; should you have any further questions, you can contact the SSD through this link.

Questions about the requirements 

The entry requirements say that I need courses on level 1, 2 or 3. What does this mean?

Level 1 means a first-year course, level 2 is a second-year course, level 3 is a third-year course, within the context of a 3-year academic Bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands.  

What does an  EC stand for?

EC stands for a European Credit. In the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), one EC represents 28 hours of workload, including class attendance, self-study and examination.

I am not sure if I have enough EC’s for each requirement. Could you check my curriculum to see if I meet the requirements?

1 EC (European Credit) counts as a 28-hours workload. This website contains some useful information about the European Credit system that you may want to read.
In order to compare your credits to ECs, I would advise you to ask your university how they usually do this. They will most likely have a way to measure the workload which can be compared or converted to ECs.

If you meet the entry requirements, I would advise you to apply, even if you’re not totally sure about the credit and level comparison. We don’t do a pre-check of your curriculum beforehand. Once we receive your application, our credential evaluation team will check whether your curriculum and diploma meet the standards of our programme.

I have relevant work experience, but I do not meet all academic requirements. Can I apply?

In order to be eligible, you have to meet the academic requirements as listed on the entry requirements page. Work experience can be an addition to, but no substitute for the academic requirements.

Questions about the application form

I am filling out the online application form. The summary of my uploads does not equal my actual uploads, and the GPA I have mentioned is not visible in the summary. What should I do?

There is no need to worry. Once you submit your application, we can see all the information you have filled out.

Questions about application outcome

My fellow students have already heard back about their application. I have not. Was my application rejected?

You will hear from us around mid-May. Some other students may have already received a reply, still we kindly ask for your patience.

I got accepted and I have been asked to send in a certified hardcopy of my diploma. My university doesn’t issue certified copies or they charge a high fee for this. Am I allowed to send a notary certified copy instead?

Yes, we do accept a notary certified copy of your diploma.

Published by  GSP

3 April 2018